Wilma's Art

Portfolio: Ammonites Sold

Some available as prints

From a young age, I loved collecting attractive stones, fossils, and specifically Ammonites. I earned the nickname “klippies” meaning ‘little pebbles’.

I record their patterns, shapes, textures and colours onto canvas or paper - for you to enjoy in your environment - to connect, reflect and absorb their inner magic and beauty.

Using all my senses when holding an ammonite before and while creating a piece of art, I bring you its energies, aesthetics and individuality.

This process allows me to reveal its fascination and tell you its story - to uplift its viewer by its wonder and charm.

If you'd like to be uplifted, bask in the wonders of this Ammonite Art - or want more information about specific pieces (original or prints), email me at wilmas-art@mail.com.

Many Thanx. Wilma :)