Wilma's Art





Wilma Seston is a semi-abstract artist best known for the intrigue captured in her urban, rural and sea collections.

Growing up on the slopes of a mountain between sea and forest in South Africa, she was captivated by the beauty, driving her passion and attention to anything nature-related.

Since the early 2000’s, from time to time, her art was exhibited in galleries and in competitions, with unprecedented success. Some galleries sold out all her work within a few days. Despite this, she continued working in a full-time job.

Wilma relocated to the UK in 2006 and is pursuing her dreams, working in her London Island Studio, where the canal spills into the Thames. Open Studio weekends are held regularly, and she exhibits at other relevant Art Fairs.

In August 2021, 3 of her artworks were chosen to feature on the set of a film by Paramount Pictures. Since then, another 25 pieces were commissioned. She feels honoured that her work is permanently exhibited in film.

Wilma creates expressionistic and impressionistic pieces through the freedom of using both acrylic and watercolour. To portray the essence of an artwork, she leaves some transparency in the top layers for a sense of what lies behind its final story.

She wants the world to know that there is peace and balance when we “stop & smell the roses”.





I always dreamed of painting in a park, making beautiful pieces of intriguing artwork to share with people who were caught up in the hum-drum of working in offices. Before starting school, I made little pieces with real flowers, pretty pebbles and would give it to neighbours & friends to keep on their desks so they could connect to nature.

I experimented with many different media, working on my skills and learning how to record onto paper or canvas specific stories / messages I wanted to tell the world.

After writing my book about how to deal with grief, I realised that I no longer want to 'mosey along' through life without doing what really makes me happy & gives me a sense of balance in life - creating art

Now, I work in my studio - early in the morning - creating expressionistic, abstract canvases inspired by my inquisitive nature. I capture finer details that attract my attention - mostly passed by unnoticed. I breathe in the calm serentiy of the trees, of water, of landscapes and the sea.

Exhibition History

4 July 20221-Day group Exhibition @ Hampstead Heath School of Art
June 22Open Studio weekend @ JIA
April 2022Lyme Regis Fossil Festival
Oct 2021Landmark Arts Autumn Fair
Sept 2021Creative Mile - new Brentford Art Trail Open weekend
Aug 2021Paintings chosen for set on firm series by Paramount Pictures
2021Studio open by appointment
Aug/Nov '20Open studio every weekend at JIA
2018/192 annual Open Studio's @ Brentford Gallery
May 2017Landmark Arts Autumn Fair
2015/16ARTHouse Open Studio's
Sept 2015Oxford International Art Fair
May 2015Whitstable Bay Art Exhibition
Nov 2014LoveLights Winter Art
July 2013Chelsea Town Hall Open Streets - En-plein-air Paint in the park
May 2013Landmark Arts Autumn Fair - Spring
2012 + 2013Ealing Art Group Annual Exhibitions
2011 - 20192 X open studio's per year at
Brentford Gallery
2010Open Studio's + Solo exhibition
Aug + Nov 20092 Solo exhibitions at Brentford Gallery
2008Joined Brentford Studio's
2006Relocated to UK
2005-2006Else-Gallery South Africa
Ongoing exhibitions
July 2004Sandton Gallery South Africa
Sold out
Sept 2005Finalist in National Competition South Africa